How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great.

Bill Bennot


“I built a house, you made a home…”
Welcome home to the survivor ready to make a change. First, we practice post-traumatic wisdom and preach love. Second, love and connection are among the strongest powers in the world to heal. This is truly your own journey to love and healing. The program is structured in 4 phases however, YOU, the survivor lead the way.  

Our goal is to have you move through the process of becoming stabilized, feel safe, process trauma, and eventually into a place where you are ready to re-engage with the community and live independently. We are here to support you through this new journey and Different Day. 

A Sanctuary,

We understand healing is a process and a journey. We SEE YOU!  Although there are guidelines and expectations at the residence there are many opportunities for independence. We are excited to open our doors to 6 women wanting to find healing along with safe and stable housing.

Phased Approach to Healing,

Progression through the phases is determined by the length of time in the program, however, it is also based on your journey of healing. At Different Day you have the right to choose your growth process. We strive to teach the following; 

the 8 stages of Wellness, being an active participant in community life, a movement toward your goals for health, personal growth, education along with employment.

Connection | Heals | Trauma

Gainful employment is a huge piece of the program. We allow you, the survivor, to choose various jobs around the property or our Justice Enterprise. There are many opportunities for empowerment, leadership, and a life without needing the streets. The Justice Enterprise allows residents to be employed while moving through the program. 

Our first Justice Enterprise has started as of September 2022.

Life Skills

Reengaging in life can be difficult after trauma. Our program is built to provide life skills to each resident. Each resident is required to be a part of the program wherein they will complete 2 life skills a week. Our life skills range anywhere from suicide prevention to the basics of how to make a good southern meal. We have over 15 providers ready to bring life skills to our residents and our YouTube channel. Each life skill we will add to our YouTube channel as a free resource to our community!


Employment Opportunities at DDF.

Resident Mentor (pdf)

Justice Enterprise (pdf)

Logistics Member (pdf)


Application for Residency

Apply to be a part of the friendship.

Application for Resident Employment

Application for products with purpose, tea, coffee, and other Justice Enterprises only for residents.  

Safety Plan

At times relapse back into the life can occur, this is a short plan you and I (ddf staff) can make to keep yourself safe. 


Leaving can be bittersweet!